Kids Korner


Good morning, Sunday School families.😊. We hope you are all well on this chilly Sunday morning ⛄. Today we want you to hear how Jesus says you are the salt of the earth 🌎. Sounds funny but listen and see what He means. Next Sunday January 16th we will return to in person Sunday School. Please remember to wear your mask and sit at your family tables. We can’t wait to see you all again ❤. Have a great week and God Bless 🙏


What a wonderful Children’s Day / Fathers Day service we had this morning. We couldn’t be prouder of this bunch of kids. They are our future leaders at the Tuckahoe United Methodist Church.


Great lesson today from Miss Laura about Moses and learning what the word osmosis means . A fun time for all .


Good morning Sunday school families ❤️. We hope you are safe and dry on this Sunday morning . Revelation 17:14 says that Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords. and you can rely on Him in a way that you could never rely on anything or anyone else . Listen here as Douglas explains . Have a happy and healthy week 🙏🏻. We will see you next Sunday February 14 for in person Sunday school


Another great Sunday School morning. We painted rocks after learning that Jesus is our rock we just have to lean on Him


Today we learned that snowman are fun to make but they melt away. God’s love for us never melts away and we can have eternal life if we believe in Him. We made refrigerator magnets that remind us that “snowbody loves us like Jesus “ ❤️🙏🏻 .


Good morning Sunday school families. We hope everyone is happy and healthy on this sunny brisk day. Have you ever thought about what is God like? Today Douglas explains God according to the scriptures. Enjoy. I will be in contact this week as to when we will see each other in person again. In the meantime stay safe and live with one another.


God’s love as drawn here by 3 of our Sunday school children. They did a wonderful job. We can’t meet in person yet but love how we can still connect ❤️.

Good morning on this first Sunday of 2021. Today Douglas talks to us about new beginnings. Did you know we all have sinned? Do you think that there is anything we have done to make God not love us anymore? Listen here and see. After you’ve listened draw a picture of something That reminds you of God’s love. Have mom or dad take a picture of it and send it to me. We will start posting your drawings on our church’s Facebook page for everyone to see. Have a great week. We will be meeting this way for at least one more week. I will update you as soon as I can as yo when we can meet in person again ❤️


Good morning Sunday School families. I am sad we can not be together in person but glad we can be together in spirit. We will be meeting this way for at least another week or two. I will keep you updated. Today Douglas speaks to us about how a candy cane can point us back to The true meaning of Christmas. Enjoy! Have a great week and whatever you do spread the good news of Jesus’s birth.


Had a great morning in Sunday school. After a lesson by Miss May we made cards for our troops overseas . Great job by our children.


Great Sunday School lesson from Miss Laura today. Live your life with God as your rock-solid foundation. Remember singing the song “The wise man and the Foolish man ?” Kids loved it!


Hello Sunday school families 😊 . We hope this brisk cool Sunday finds you well 🙏🏻 . Today we are going to find out how we are just like pumpkins 🎃. God picks us up and takes away all the yucky stuff. All we have to do is ask Him. Enjoy! Please look for an announcement in your mail this week about our upcoming in-person Sunday School. Love and miss you all. See you soon ❤️


Hello Sunday school families ❤️. We hope everyone is well 🙏🏻 . Today Douglas talks about change. We are all experiencing change as part of our everyday lives, aren’t we? Remember God is with us during these changes. He loves us and wants us to embrace change and move forward with Him . Have a happy and healthy week 😊 . God loves you so much and so do we ❤️


Good morning Sunday School Families ❤️. We hope this message finds everyone well. Did you know the Bible is a powerful weapon? Listen while Douglas explains how. Everyone have a great week and we will see you all soon 🙏🏻🙏🏻 . If you have any prayer requests or concerns please feel free to contact us. We love and miss you all. God Bless.


Good morning Sunday school families. We are happy to be able to reach out to you today. We hope everyone is healthy and safe. Today Douglas continues to talk about our armor, our shield of faith. Enjoy. We love and miss you.


Good morning Sunday School families. Did you know as Christians we all have armor ? Today Douglas talks about that armor and how God wants us to handle it . Enjoy 😊. We hope everyone has a great week . Please know we are here for you if you have any questions or concerns or prayer requests. Contact me (Miss Linda) and I will be glad to help in anyway I can . Love to you all ❤️


Good morning Sunday School families. We hope you are well and had a wonderful Summer. Today will start our 2020 – 2021 Sunday School session. We will begin virtually with an ultimate goal of meeting in person again following the guide lines of the United Methodist Council. Stay tuned for updates. In the mean time we hope you enjoy this video from Douglas. God loves you just the way you are and so do we. Have a great week.